Being a Role Model

Growing up in the rodeo and horse show community you are surrounded by opportunities to lead and inspire the younger generations.


As a competitor sometimes it can be difficult to juggle your own goals and the cry for help of those around you. 

I had helped teach and lead in 4-h my senior year. Moms would send there kids to me with questions and they looked up to me as a rider and as a person.

I accepted this responsibility.

The final show is always emotional, you've been preparing for it for months! Its long days and even longer weeks, By the end everyone is exhausted and grumpy.

Toward the end of my week I had not reached the goals I set for myself and I couldn't have a moment without everyone tugging and pulling. The younger kids were always asking for my help and I barely had time to get ready for my classes. 

I don't regret going over a spin in my reining class, I don't regret knocking over that jump or missing that cow. I regret not being kind to those around me. 

By the final day I had had it! I had a melt down and not only hurt the people who cared about me but set a nasty example for those looking up to me. It's okay to ask for space and focus on your own goals. But sometimes being a role model means putting yourself aside and doing the difficult thing to help lift someone else up. 

Always be patient, always be kind.

Do you have any advice for those looking to inspire the people around them?

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